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This is a site where 5th grade students can interact with their teachers and peers, and where parents can observe their kids' achievements. It serves especially for collaborative research activities, enabling students to post findings and questions related to their academic topics, and invite others to contribute comments and suggestions.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Registering on

In order to make comments on the Weblogs of others, and to make Weblogs of your own, you must be a registered user. To do so, you must enter a unique username and a password with at least six characters. You must use only letters and numbers, with no spaces nor punctuation.

Read the instructions carefully, and select the options that make the most sense. After you register, please help any of your classmates who are having difficulty.

Next week you will be able to create a blog of your own, or you may do so during the week at home. Do not enter personal information like last name, birth year, address, or telephone number, nor photos of yourself.

Detailed Instructions

Read the following registration instructions, and take notes.
At any time, to move from reading someone else’s blog, to register or log in to your own, click on the “I Power Blogger” orange, white, and blue icon. Then click on the orange arrow, CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW.

As you create and modify username (no spaces nor punctuation) and password (at least six letters and numbers), until they are accepted by, write down all the changes. If you are not able to recall either in the future, you will lose all of your work, and will have to register with a new username.

Display name is what will appear when you post a comment; it’s your “handle” or nickname.
If you do not have an email address, use
Read the “Terms of Service” and check the box if you agree to be civil in the use of your blog privileges.

When you see dialogue box for Password Manager, always click on “Never for this site.” The answer to "Remember me?" is always NO.

After you have registered successfully, please help classmates to do so.

Then you may proceed to create a Weblog of your own.
You will be asked to provide a title for your blog (e.g., The Superstars of 403 Weblog), and part of the URL (, which may be your username, with no punctuation nor spaces. You then chose a template that will appear first when you access your blog. The default options are okay, except you should change
"Add to listings?" from YES to NO.

Do not provide personal information such as birth year, last name, address or phone number, nor photo of yourself. First names and general information (hobbies, interests, family members, pets) are okay.

You must "publish" your work by clicking on appropriate icon at bottom of page, not by using File-Save command.

The next step is creating a “post,” which is a topic for discussion. Here you introduce a topic, add information and graphics about it, and invite others (with whom you have shared your URL) to contribute helpful comments and suggestions. You should have one blog to cover your personal interests, and another separate blog under the same username for school-related research.